We Must Act Now

The various components of the world we live in are connected in ways that many of us have not fully considered. One ecosystem affects another. Our Economy, Energy, and Environment all affect each other as well. Recently this cause and effect relationship hasn’t been so pretty for mother earth, and it seems things are only getting exponentially worse.

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How Sparing a Life Might Just Buy our Planet Some Time

Often times when people hear the term “a green thumb” they picture someone who frequently turns off all the lights in rooms that are not in use, never allows the water to stay on for a second longer than it is needed, or someone who obsessively recycles absolutely everything that they can. While all these things are very important for sustaining our environment, one element of living a green lifestyle that people commonly overlook is their diet.

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Help Save the World

If it wasn’t for one very important trade, mankind would never have gotten close reaching its current level of development. That trade is agriculture. And today, the very thing that has brought us so far, threatens our very existence. This is the case because we have abused the sacred practice. It is time to begin rethinking how we grow food, but this time it will not just be for the sake of human innovation, it will be to save the world.

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