Welcome to We, The Earth.

This blog is an attempt to increase awareness of the issues our society is facing in regard to sustainability primarily in the agriculture sector. I also hope to convey the message that the earth does not belong to us, but rather we ourselves are the earth. This way of thinking helps us to begin treating the earth the same way we treat ourselves and the people we love. It also creates a sense of harmony and union among all people and creatures of the earth.

Although my writing will focus heavily on local and organic food production, I will also make an effort to address various topics such as clean energy, waste reduction, animal rights, and spirituality.

From time to time, the blog will also feature guest writers. I feel the blog will serve its purpose much more effectively if its content streams from a collective voice rather than just from my own.

Please feel free to comment on posts and share your thoughts, as I am very much open to fresh perspectives.

I encourage anyone who stumbles upon this humble site to not just stay informed, but also strongly consider making a personal contribution towards keeping the planet as green as possible.


Leif Barron

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