Nearing the End

This week was bitter sweet in lieu of the limited time I have left in NYC. Next week will be my last week volunteering before I finally head back home to Pennsylvania.

For the first time, I got to work close to the bee hives. We did a lot of weeding in and around the melon beds which happen to be right next to the hives. Surprisingly the bees didn’t really bother us at all. I was told that they tend to only sting during or after maintenance has been done on the hive. Aside from that, the bees are pretty happy and only sting on rare occasions. One of the volunteers, who has been volunteering since the farm first opened, said that in his 9 years of volunteering experience, he had only ever been stung twice.

Melon Plants Near the Bee Hive

There were two beds of beans that had been infested with some type of mites or fungus. We had to pull up all the infested beans plants and put them into plastic bags to be disposed of. They could not be composted for fear of the infestation spreading to other organic material in the compost crates. After removing all of the infested plants, we immediately planted new bean seeds where the infested beans had been. Hopefully we will be able to see the bean sprouts next week.

Since the summer is coming to a close, one of the volunteers organized a get together after work with all the volunteers and farm employees. This was first time I got to spend time with my farm friends outside of the farm. It was great to have the opportunity to sit down and get to know everyone better. It’s always reassuring to sit down with friends and know that everyone at the table is making an honest effort to create a more sustainable future for all of us. I’m really going to miss this farm and all of the wonderful people working on it.  

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