A Productive Discussion

It was great to go back to the farm after being away for two weeks. There had been significant crop growth during my time away, so it was refreshing to see the farm looking very healthy and full. At this point in the grow season, Brooklyn Grange is able to harvest and sell every type of crop on the farm. They even had honey for sale at the market stand.

Since I have been volunteering for a while now, many of the tasks I am asked to do are things that I have already done in past and have already written about. So instead of boring you with repetitious content, I’d like to recap a refreshing conversation I had on the farm.

A few posts back I mentioned a girl who currently works for Morgan Stanley. She has a dream of managing a private equity fund that focuses on investing in socially and environmentally responsible businesses. We got into a conversation about environmental extremism in which people go to great lengths to reduce their carbon footprint. She told me about a friend of hers who was very hesitant to travel internationally because she was too concerned with contributing to the harmful emissions generated by airplanes. I confessed that I also can be a bit extreme sometimes when it comes to my strict plant-based diet and other bizarre habits like taking short cold showers to save water and energy.

We concluded that such forms of extremism might not make much of a tangible difference if only adopted by a small number of people. However, when it comes to raising awareness of climate change and other environmental issues that our society is facing, these forms of extremism can be effective. When you do something outside the norm, it generates curiosity in the people around you. People will begin to ask why you are making changes in your life and this will provide you the opportunity to tell them why. This, in turn, spreads awareness one person at a time.

I believe that one of the most critical components of this initiative to save the planet is simply raising awareness. But becoming aware is just the beginning. People still need to take action. If more people chose one sustainable, earth-loving practice to incorporate into their lives, we could create a chain reaction of environmental responsibility and we just might be able to create a brighter future.

You don’t have to become a vegan or cancel your next trip out of the country to make a difference in this life. Once you become aware of the issues we are facing, evaluate yourself and determine how you, as a part of the greater earth organism, can make a contribution to this cause.

Take action. And as always, please spread the word.

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