Due to a busy week, this post will be a condensed version of the typical volunteer day recap.

This week I was curious about how the farmers water the plants since it’s actually quite rare that anyone is ever seen with a hose. I asked the volunteer coordinator about this and he explained that the plants on the farm are watered by both a sprinkler system and a drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation system is a network of hoses, some of which are above ground and the rest are buried underneath the soil. The hoses are connected to the building’s water supply and can be turned on at any time. The farmers have the farm divided into four quadrants and will typically turn on the hoses for one quadrant at a time.

The Cucumber plants are growing very quickly and needed to be woven into the trellises once again. The vines are getting very long and are nearly reaching the top of the trellises.

Cucumbers are getting quite tall.

The peppers are also starting to get quite tall and needed to be reinforced by wooden stakes and small plastic clamps.

Pepper Beds
The clamp must be placed high enough to support the weight of the plant.

After Onions are harvested, they need to be cured (dried), just like the garlic I mentioned in last week’s post.

Onions being Cured (Dried)

As promised… Check out the bean plants that were planted two weeks ago!

Significant Growth Already!

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