Four Weeks Down… Four To Go.

We had a cloudy day on the farm this week which was perfect weather considering how hot it was last time!

Most of the day was spent weeding. We spent a lot of time weeding the walkways between crop beds. These walkways often become overrun with grass and other resilient weeds. The volunteer coordinator on the farm told me that even if they hired full time “weeders”, they still wouldn’t be able to keep the weeds under control.

The most fun part of today’s weeding was weeding the edible flower bed. Many of the flowers on the farm are surprisingly tasty. Some of them are even sweet and have a melon-like flavor. We pulled out dead flowers and weeds to the give the flower bed the liveliest appearance possible. After all, the flower bed does have to compete with that colorful graffiti wall right behind it.

A Lively Flower Patch

There are a few rows of crops that do not have the plastic weed suppressant. We covered as many of those rows as possible with cocoa husks. Cocoa husks are the outer shell of cocoa beans and they can be used as an effective mulch. My understanding was that the farmers got the cocoa husks from cocoa farmers who otherwise would have thrown them out. They cost little or no money. The husks are an attractive maroon color and they smell even better than they look. I kept feeling tempted to eat some. They kind of remind me of the cocoa pebbles cereal. Below you can see the cocoa husks spread around beds of kale.

Cocoa Husk as Mulch for Kale Beds
Cocoa Husks smell and look like Cocoa Pebbles.

The last task of the day was harvesting garlic. The garlic patch was quite small, but I was amazed at the amount of garlic we harvested from such a small plot. We took the garlic to the greenhouse to be cured. After garlic is harvested it needs to either be laid out or hung up to dry. As the garlic dries, energy and nutrients from the leaves transfer into the garlic bulbs. Read more about the garlic harvesting process here.

Garlic Being Cured Inside the Greenhouse

As always, I had a great time this week learning new things and making new friends. Stay tuned… Next week I will have pictures of the bean sprouts we planted last week!

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