Round 2 of Sunburn and Dirty Hands 🙂

This week on the rooftop farm was even better than the last. There has been some ongoing construction on the rooftop, so last week they had closed about half of the farm. This week the other half was open so there was more to explore and more work to be done.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that last week’s tent market was only temporary. They have a well-designed permanent market, which was off limits last week because of the construction. It has an eye-catching display area, storage space, and a back room for cleaning and prep.

There is also a massive row of oversized picnic tables that stretches about a quarter of the way across the farm. The tables are used for dinner parties that the farm hosts occasionally. This is also a great place for visitors and volunteers to relax and enjoy the amazing views that the farm also has to offer.

After I had taken a moment to explore the second half of the farm, I was again promptly put to work. The first task of the day was constructing trellises to help support the tomato plants. The farmers had already constructed three-stick pyramids around all the tomato plants. Our job was to connect the pyramids together by laying sticks along the tops of them and then tying them together tightly. I asked if tomato plants are the only crop on the farm that require a trellis like that. I was told that sometimes beans and peppers also need trellises, but not as big of a trellis as the tomatoes need.

Our next job was to cover the walkways between the ground cherries with burlap bags. The best way to tell when a ground cherry is ripe is when it falls to the ground (hence its name: ground cherries). Since these cherries will be harvested from the ground, the farmers like to put down burlap bags so that the cherries fall onto a cleaner surface than the dirt. We used giant rusty staples/steaks to pin the bags to the ground.

The rest of the day was spent doing more weeding, which I didn’t mind at all considering that once again there were so many interesting people to meet and work with. I met a current intern for an NPR podcast and an employee at Morgan Stanley with a dream to run her own responsible investing firm (Responsible Investing: Investing in companies that are making a positive social or environmental impact). Sometimes work doesn’t feel like work when you’re in good company.

All in all, I had a great time once again and I cannot wait to go back next week. This farm is really turning out to be a great place to make friends, learn new skills, and help out with a very important cause.  

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