It Starts With You

For the most part, people understand that their actions, purchasing behavior, and eating habits all have some sort of impact on the environment. We all know that we should turn off lights and running water to save energy and resources. We have all seen the footage of plastic waste in the ocean that results from endless human consumption. Yet still most people make very little effort to live in harmony with our plant and our fellow living creatures.

In the developed world, we are not yet at a point in time when we actually experience the consequences of the neglect that we have shown our planet. Species go extinct. Forests disappear. But many of us privileged humans go about our lives in a world pampered by technological developments and immediate gratification.

Because these challenges facing the environment do not seem like an immediate concern to us, we tend to give little thought to them. Perhaps paying our bills on time or overindulging in some unnecessary luxury after a hard day at work is far more important than making a contribution to the sustainability of our planet. I understand. On many occasions, I myself have been guilty of this as well.   

This environmental paradigm shift that I hope will one day occur, is only possible if changes are made on an individual basis. Changes in governmental policy can perhaps make a slight difference, but we will not be able to save the planet unless people begin to change their own behaviors and ideology. What we need is to undergo a consciousness revolution in which people begin to genuinely value mankind, future generations, and all life on our planet over themselves.

The more a person learns to live in harmony not only with their fellow human beings but also all life on earth, the happier that person will be. If everyone learned to live this type of harmonious lifestyle, the world would be a far more sustainable and enjoyable place.

It all begins with a change in individual consciousness.   

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